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What is Chocolate Cyst (Endometriosis)?

Çikolata kisti demek, endometriozis denen bir hastalığın yumurtalıklarda yaptığı, kistik problemlerdir. 

What is Chocolate Cyst?

When you say something like a chocolate cyst, a person’s mind usually comes up with something positive, is not it? A chocolate cyst is a cystic problem in ovaries caused by a disease called endometriosis. This situation may come with some problems.

This situation needs to be divided into two, the first, the effect on infertility, the second is the problems other than infertility. Above all else, when it comes to problems other than infertility, it is cystic and a fear of human cysts and the cyst size, number, growth rate, age of the person and the ability to make cancer can come to mind immediately. Especially if you are a young girl; You and your family, maybe your mother will come to mind the most trouble; “These cysts are there, and in the future do not these cysts make a negative impact on my fertility?” Because we know that these cysts or chocolate cysts have some negative effects after surgery. Once it is known that it has reduced egg reserves after surgery, the second one is the most well known side of the public; Do not touch your hands with cysts because if the cysts are removed it will become sticky, prevent fallopian tubes and have a negative effect on the child. The frightful dream of young girls and mothers …