What is PRP Technique?

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What is PRP technique?

Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) become more common among the couples. In recent years, many people struggle with getting pregnant naturally due to changes in life-styles, illnesses or genetic disorders. Advanced maternal age, ovulation disorders, and abnormalities may cause infertility. These reasons are not only special to women. For this reason, before starting any treatment couples should be evaluated individually in order to find out the infertility reason. Different treatment options such as ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination (IUI), microinjection and in vitro fertilisation (IVF) are performed for the couples who cannot get spontaneous pregnancy.

What is IVF treatment, what are the steps and how is it applied?

Couples who need to get benefit of assisted reproductive treatments mostly have many questions about in-vitro fertilization treatments. With the help of IVF process, many couples completed their family and welcomed their children more than forty years. Assisted reproductive treatments increase the chance of having a baby in infertile couples who have low sperm and egg count.

In IVF process, after retrieving egg and sperm cells from the couples they are prepared by the embryologists in the laboratory. High quality embryo(s) are transferred to woman’s uterus and this process is called as embryo transfer. 12 days later following the embryo transfer a pregnancy test called as ß-hcg is done. This pregnancy test determines whether the mother-to-be is pregnant.

During the treatment process, patients can get therapy for ovulation problems or increasing sperm quality. All this process is observed by our doctors. Chance of the pregnancy could be higher with the most suitable treatment options.

How PRP technique is applied in IVF treatment?

Firstly, blood sample is taken from the patient. Then it is centrifuged and red blood cells, and leukocytes are separated from the sample. The liquid which contains platelet rich plasma is then concentrated. This sample is used for PRP technique in IVF treatment. PRP technique aims to increase success rate by thickening the endometrial lining and increasing the egg quality. This method is especially used in couples who has low ovarian reserve, previously failed attempts, low egg quality.

Endometrial Thickness affects the outcome of In Vitro Fertilisation Treatment

High quality embryos have a higher likelihood of leading to a successful pregnancy. These embryos are transferred to the uterus and they attach to the uterine wall. The thickness of endometrial lining has an important role. In order to have a successful result, endometrial receptivity should be optimal. Abortion, curettage or uterine infection may play casual role in implantation and thickness of uterine lining. A combined therapy should be performed in these cases in order to get a positive result.

Can PRP provide healthy and high-quality eggs?

Following PRP application, patient will be followed by the doctors 2 months with hormone therapy to support follicle development. When we get embryos in IVF treatment, with pre-implantation diagnostic method we can identify which embryos are healthy ones.

What is the success rate of PRP Method?

PRP Injection application is an innovative treatment method and has been applied in our all centers in Ankara, Istanbul and Sanliurfa. The success rate depends on the patient and it’s 60% effective in general.

Which tests are necessary for PRP Method?

Ultrasonography (USG) is required before PRP Platelet Rich Plasma injection in order to examine uterine and ovaries. Some blood hormone tests also will be checked to evaluate overall situation. Regarding to the results, PRP application will be scheduled.

Who should get PRP Injection?

Growth factors and platelets play important role in tissue regeneration, active cell growth and their rejuvenation. PRP technique can be applied to women who have recurrent implantation failure, low ovarian reserve or low AMH level, advanced maternal age, early stages in menopause, and endometrial lining thickness problems. Women with Premature ovarian failure (POF) or Premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) can also get benefit of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) technique.

Cost of PRP

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