Insemination (IUI)


What is insemination?

To answer briefly, insemination is the process of leaving all of the sperm taken from the man into the woman’s uterus. In this way, the chance of getting pregnant increases. Throughout the treatment process, sperms can be injected into the uterus thanks to injectors developed using the latest technology. When the procedure is completed and the treatment is over, the person will probably get pregnant. Couples who cannot have children normally have an increased chance of having children thanks to the insemination method. After the necessary researches, a detailed answer is given to the question of the insemination method that people have in mind.

How is the insemination method done?

Although many people have questions about what insemination actually is, answers are often sought on the internet to questions such as “how to do insemination treatment?” after these researches, couples can have information and in this way, the question of “how is insemination treatment done?” can be answered.

What is the process? Can anyone get insemination? 

Both people must have tried various methods before the insemination treatment is preferred. It is often recommended by experts to try the insemination method last. If the woman cannot conceive despite having sexual intercourse without protection for approximately 1 year and trying all kinds of ways, the insemination method can be used.

How is insemination treatment done?

The method known as insemination is a very simple and short-term process compared to other methods of conception. Thanks to the development of technology in every field, there have been developments in medicine and the insemination method has emerged in this way. With the use of newly produced injectors, it has become possible to get pregnant painlessly. The sperm of the father-to-be is first placed into advanced injectors. Later, all of these sperm are injected into the uterus of the mother-to-be. 

What are the conditions of the insemination method?

As with any treatment process, there are some conditions for insemination treatment. As the first and most important detail, sperm production in men and egg production in women must be continuing.  If sperm or egg production does not continue, fertilization will not occur even if insemination is performed. If one or both of the couples are infertile, infertility tests should be done first. Studies should be carried out according to the results of the tests. In this way, other options are evaluated before starting the treatment. In addition, while infertility treatment is going on, insemination treatment is not applied to either or both of the couples.

If there is any problem in mother or father to be, insemination method is not preferred and treatment is not applied. The biggest reason for this is that it has a negative psychological effect on couples. For this reason, all necessary tests must be completed before choosing the insemination method and before starting the treatment. Insemination treatment services provided by our company are not performed under such conditions, as it will be quite unnecessary to provide insemination treatment to people with infertility. As a result of the reports, if both people are healthy, treatment process can be started.

Points to be considered before insemination

Before applying to insemination treatment, there are a few important things that couples must consider. Before starting the treatment, no alcohol consumption should occur in the last 48 hours in order for the sperm to be extremely efficient. Likewise, a drug that will negatively affect the sperm count and sperm productivity should not be consumed. Since the various products used will affect the health of the sperm, such use should not be done and attention should be paid to the last 48 hours.

Unlike the issues that men should pay attention to, there are also some points that women should pay attention to. Since injectors inject sperm into the woman’s uterus in the insemination treatment, the genital area should be protected. No cream or lotion that could damage the genital area and its surrounding area should be used 48 hours before starting the treatment. Some infection risks may occur due to use of such creams.

How much does insemination cost?

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