Electrophusion Technique

What is the electrophusion technique?

In Ankara, 4 times in vitro fertilization, 2 times the vaccination method, despite the application of children who could not have children Melek Senel (34), as the last hope of the advice of his friends went to the private clinic applied with electrophusion technique. Melek Şenel, who had his child by giving birth to last year, said, ım My wife is pregnant, ”I could not believe it,‘ You are kidding ’. At that moment, all the moments we live in flowed in front of my eyes like a film strip. ”

How to make electrophusion?

Melek Şenel, a housewife living in Ankara, married the leather technician Şeref Şenel (38) 11 years ago. Şenel couple, who lived a happy life, decided to have a baby after 1 year. However, Melek Şenel, who could not get pregnant naturally, applied to many states and private hospitals. However, the doctors allegedly said that the ovary can never be a mother because of the coating around the cysts. During this period, 4 times in vitro fertilization, 2 times the vaccination method, despite the application of Melek Senel, as a last hope of his friend’s advice of a special clinic in the city. Dr. He applied to Timur Gürgan. Here, as a result of combining the electrophusion device and sperm eggs, Melek Şenel became pregnant. Melek Şenel, who lived great happiness, called the boy he brought to the world last year ‘Mustafa ..

At that moment we hugged each other with my wife and cried…

Melek Şenel said that the inability to get pregnant created a great stress in him and that he fell into despair after going to the doctor every time. Melek Şenel noted that the doctors did not give a definite answer to whether the results of treatment have been concluded positively. “In 2015, I spent a 2.5 -month miscarriage. My psychology was even worse. I was very upset. After all, I couldn’t have a baby for a long time and I was full, and it resulted in miscarriage. We tried 4 times IVF, but unfortunately we didn’t get a positive result from them. However, we had a lot of material and moral losses. Since my ovaries are covered with cysts, the eggs do not reserve. But we couldn’t get the egg. This made me very sad. I was officially depressed. My 10 years passed today with the expectation that I will have a baby tomorrow. After starting treatment, my wife went to the hospital to get the result of my pregnancy test. I completely cut my hope. I couldn’t believe it after my wife said, ‘You are pregnant’. At that moment, all the moments we live in flowed in front of my eyes like a film strip. But I couldn’t believe it again, and I wanted to take a test at home and see that pregnant line. I did, I really saw that I was pregnant. At that moment we hugged each other with my wife and cried. ”

Thank God, we got our son …

Şeref Şenel stated that they could not have a baby despite the 4 IVF and 2 vaccination methods and said, “This process was very painful for us. We were upset when we could not have a baby and we could not have a baby. But we have always followed the developments in medicine. We always convinced my wife that we had a child one day and finally we got our son. We came here on the advice of a friend. Fortunately, our treatment ended positively ..

What is done in electrophusion technique?

President of the Association of Reproduction Medicine and Surgery. Dr. Timur Gürgan stated that there is a reason for the absence of pregnancy in women, and said:

“We know that; The problem is either in the sperm either fertilization or in the intrauterine membrane. Especially in cases where there is no good sperm egg fertilization in IVF treatments; A problem of a sperm or the problem of the egg prevents the healthy development of the cell group that will form a new child to the sperm with the egg and the sperm. In these cases, any problem with sperm or egg causes incorrect fertilization, and pregnancy cannot occur or even if pregnancy occurs, it cannot meet the couple with a couple again when low rates increase. We are able to detect problems that cause faulty or inadequate fertilization in sperm or egg with special examinations. Then the problem is either sperm or eggs and if these cells cannot merge, we need to provide this merger with advanced techniques. ”

How to apply electrophusion technique?

Providing information about the electrophusion technique. Dr. Timur Gürgan said, “In order to activate or fertilize it in the sperm, some substances and liquids should be found. If they do not have this, the egg can not be fertilized by sperm as a activity and cannot be involved in pregnancy. In these cases, we use a special system to combine sperm and egg. This technique, in particular, provides an electrical environment that allows the egg to be activated by the sperm, and this electrical environment allows the sperm to activate it by sticking to the egg. The quality of the embryo is increasing and healthy pregnancies can occur if the intrauterine membrane is also suitable ”.

The couple was very desperate when they arrived …