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New Approach to Male Infertility

When evaluating male infertility, the nutritional habits of the individual, work life, and social environment, ie stress factors, should be investigated and purified from the cell-to-cell general toxins before treatment is taken. Taking a kind of “DETOX” program will play an important role in the success of the treatment.

In couples who can not have children in the world, 50% of the problem is caused by men. Since there are not enough numbers, mobility and quality of sperm cells, the treatments of the couples are either halted or result in frustration. This situation also causes material and moral harm to the couple.

Experts working in this field apply routine skein analysis to determine the problem at the earliest and try to determine the potential or potential of having a child as a child by evaluating sperm presence, number, mobility and some morphology. In other words, routine sine analysis has been the backbone for the evaluation of male infertility.

Studies have shown that the general health status of a male individual evaluating male infertility is a guide for treatment. Because the general health status of the male subject is deteriorating in many parameters ranging from sperm to hormones are observed in the negative sense. This means that not only routine analysis of syllables but also other parameters as well as this analysis will play an important role in terms of treatment success.

In addition, when evaluating male infertility, male nutrition habits, work life and social environment, stress factors should be investigated and purified from cell-based general toxins before being taken care of, so taking a certain “DETOX” program will play an important role in the success of the treatment.

On the other hand, when we look at the other side, we as GÜRGAN CLINIC EMBRYOLOGY LABORATORIES are able to determine the adverse consequences that may arise during treatment with this test, and we choose our sperm selection technique according to the test result and give our couple a healthy pregnancy and birth chances with more healthy embryos.