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Tüp Bebek

Why should you choose Gurgan Clinic?

Why Gürgan Clinic in IVF Treatment

Gurgan Clinic; has a modern and technological building in Mustafa Kemal quarter, one of the favorite centers of the capital city of Ankara, and 17 years clinical knowledge and experience on Infertility and Women’s Diseases. Our services conducted under the leadership of our scientific director Prof. Dr. Timur Gurgan has 35 years of experience and knowledge in Infertility and IVF treatments.

With the slogan of “Let there be no family with no children” which makes us the proudest, we have made the dreams of approximately 10.000 people true in this period. Experienced team, thanks to the latest technological equipment and facilities, with the highest level of patient confidentiality in the field of infertility treatment, It continues on its way.

Gurgan Clinic, Which is located in the center of the city, is designed with all the technological possibilities in 6-storey covered area of 2800 square meters and presented to the patients.

In the entrance floor, a waiting hall, cafeteria, administrative offices and call center are located.

In the 2nd floor clinical laboratory, 2 operating rooms, and embryology laboratory located.

The 3rd floor is completely prepared for with the comfort of the patients. There are 7 patient rooms prepared with hotel conceptç

The 4th floor is the Clinical floor. Patient training rooms are designed as general examination and strictly with the Nurse Chamber.

In the 5th floor; Patient examination and waiting area prepared with hotel concept are Special examination units are included.

6. There are exam and training halls designed for supporting training activities and educational services. A staff dining hall is also located.

There are underground parking, masjid and staff dressing rooms.

The detail that takes us to success in IVF treatments; Your treatment is planned as “patient-specific” with current medical knowledge and latest technology. As the Gurgan Clinic family, we continue to work together to bring your treatment to the highest level of success. Your happiness is our fault.

GürganClinic is an IARG representative at international organizations.

Gurgan clinic is a private tube baby clinic with TUVTURK Quality system management document.