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What is Menopause?


What is Menopause?

Pre and post menopause, it is expected to be a nightmare for most women. Also in recent times, various visual and written press releases have caused the creation of a panic atmosphere. Women, on the one hand, hot presses, insomnia, nervousness and so on. Waiting for a period to pass, the aging of his bones, heart disease, early dementia, fear of going to live in the presence of sexuality. On the other side, hormone drugs, which are shown as alternative therapies, are afraid of side effects, especially cancer. They are missing a current approach to menopause that is planned according to the needs of their own body, taking into account their preferences. There is a lack of centers with knowledge and experience that can coordinate specialized interdisciplinary issues in the field.

Menopause Treatment?

Our aim is to be able to contribute to you when choosing the current and most accurate diagnosis and treatment method regarding your health, and to be able to contribute to your health as soon as possible by making your treatment with current options.

Stay healthy! …