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What is infertility?

It is called infertility when pregnancy does not occur or the pregnancy fails, even though couples enter regular sexual intercourse without applying any protection method within one year period. 15% of Couples have an infertility problem.

The causes of infertility are examined under 3 separate headings.

  • Reasons due to females
  • Reasons due to males
  • Unexplained infertility


As can be noticed, causes of infertility may not only concern a member of the couple. Therefore, if you and your partner are being investigated separately and have problems when evaluating, you have to uncover them one by one. However, success in treatment can be achieved more easily. Otherwise, if only one reason is tried to be treated, the other causes it to fail.

It is important that you understand and support each other in your diagnosis and treatment process.

Mutual accusations. looking for the problem in other side and leaving the spouse alone; Will significantly reduce treatment success. Therefore, you always need to be sympathetic, supportive and positive.