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  • May your baby be in your arms, not your mind…
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Recommendations for couples who will receive infertility treatment

At the beginning of your treatment, you either win or lose.

  • Go to the center of your choice for your consultation and treatment plan before treatment begins. You decide to treat this treatment yourself, my only option is that you do not start treatment immediately.
  • Your age, your ovarian reserve, your psychology, your moral preferences, and your economic condition will allow you to plan the most appropriate treatment for your infertility.
  • Remember that your concentration, your motivation is the highest, your stress is the lowest, and being a cure is a factor that can be a success.
  • Know your doctor and the center where you start treatment and you work for the same purpose: a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!
  • Science can help you with important improvements, but keep in mind that these applications have certain success limits.
  • The choice of suitable ovulation medicines, various laser applications, the use of special egg and embryo enhancer fluids, applications for embryo acceptance, development in transfer techniques and pre-transfer genetic evaluation of embryos can help you. But none of them provide a magical solution. When you have gained knowledge about new techniques, research and learn, then decide what contribution you can make to success for you and adjust your expectations accordingly.