Çocuksuz Aile Kalmasın!

  • Çocuksuz Aile Kalmasın!
  • May your baby be in your arms, not your mind…
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gebelik takibi

When you are pregnant with treatment, we want you to know that we are as happy and excited as you are. If treatment fails, we will all be unhappy, sad.

For this reason, we all need to work with the alliance to enjoy common happiness instead of sadness. Please do not forget that we are some people like you in our efforts to help you. Support us. You know we need your help for success. Working together on the basis of a successful outcome depends on being a team.

Getting pregnant does not mean that you will give birth. As with every pregnancy, your process is closely followed. With the help of developing technology in modern medical rules, you will also need an experienced team to have a healthy and trouble free pregnancy:

1. Pregnancy follow-up

2. Checking your baby is healthy

3. Special ultrasound and doppler examinations to be made in time

4. Detailed 3D ultrasonic

5. Planning and implementation of appropriate genetic research tests

6. Assessment of baby’s developmental curves and their appropriateness

7. Biophysical scoring

8. Assessment of Placenta, blood flow of brain and important organs and NST studies

9. Couple breeding preparation

10. Early diagnosis and treatment of diseases and problems of mother and baby

11. Plan of birth and timing

12. Conduct of birth and postpartum follow-up should be done under the concept of “healthy baby, healthy mother and healthy family”.