Çocuksuz Aile Kalmasın!

  • Çocuksuz Aile Kalmasın!
  • May your baby be in your arms, not your mind…
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Zihin Beden Dengeleme Programı

What is Mind and Body Balancing Program

“The treatment process that you are most likely to come up with in a healthy pregnancy is; You will be able to Balance your mind, body and reproductive systems.”

Prof. Dr. Timur GÜRGAN

Bringing a healthy child to the world is the most natural and basic instinct of the human being. The difficulty in realizing such a natural phenomenon can have negative effects on couples, especially women.
Both in terms of whether the reproductive function is adequate or not, and in line with the expectations of the society and the repeated questions; Worry, sadness, guilt, worthlessness, failure, disappointment, and sometimes shame. Discrepancies between couples and perspective differences arise.

Are you the only one who has this problem?

Of course the answer is NO!

In the case of couples facing this problem; the fact that the families are overexploited, the need to know all the details in this regard, the questioning attitudes, the annoying comments already perceiving themselves as worse, can further disrupt the psychology of the couple.

During the IVF treatment period; hormone injections to obtain eggs, blood tests, ultrasound follow-up, surgical procedures and even even thought of them can be excessive for couples.

Despite all these, if a negative result is obtained after the treatments; it is a difficult situation to face. Sometimes couples feel the need to say goodbye to their childhood ownership.

our aim

The end result is to facilitate the process of in vitro fertilization, which is emotionally challenging for couples, where social pressures are felt beforehand, which can not be determined in advance, and ultimately to support your journey towards being a dream parent.

30% Increase in Pregnancy Success with Mind-Body Balancing Program

Balancing Technique applied at Gürgan Clinic; sperm, egg, embryo and uterus, both individually and in balance with each other.

Even if the balancing is provided on the cells-organs and systems; Mind-body balancing should be assessed as a whole and a balanced and positive emotional state must be provided at every step of the treatment.

Within this program, while learning the techniques to get out of a negative emotional state, a healthy companion that will make you feel better and feel better during the process is also presented.

Professor Dr. Timur Gürgan Women Health Center