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What is IVM (IVF without medication)?

IVM (IVF without medication)

As Gürgan Clinic, we are the first in Turkey to conduct IVM, that is, IVF without medication, successfully for many years. IVM treatment is an option with 30-35% success rate, and should be presented to the suitable patient group with great care. No side effect of hormone therapy is suffered in IVM. However, due to various indications, it is not suitable for all patient groups, remaining many cases which require conventional IVF treatment, which is hormone-induced fertilization.

These cases can be listed as:

  • Cases that IVM is not preferred based on the ovarian ultrasonography results,
  • Cases with previously failed IVF treatments and cases which primarily require hormonally induced IVF treatment due to the couple-specific medical history. It should also be emphasized that IVF, in vitro fertilization including hormone stimulation, has a higher success rate than IVM; around 40-50%.