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Inferility in Women?

The causes of female infertility are:

What are the causes of infertility in women?

The causes of infertility in women are gathered under four main headings in general terms, not under a single heading. Because each reproductive organ has some inherent or subsequent problems of its own. Some anomalies, impaired development or inability to perform functions are examined separately.

Egg causes:
There is no ovulation, no egg development, no quality eggs.

Tuberculous causes:

The absence of the tubing is congested due to congenital obstruction, past infection, or adhesion due to surgery or endometriosis.

Causes attributable to the uterus:

There are some myomas, not having a uterus, being deformed in the uterus.

Other Causes:
Endometriosis, immune problems, reproductive organs disorders, sexual and psychological problems are the main ones.