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Balancing Technique (Balancing the embryo and endometrial wall for pregnancy)

Tüp Bebekte Balanslama Tekniği

(Embriyo ve rahim içi zarının gebelik için dengelenmesi)

“Balancing Technique” is used in cases where the complications arising from a range of diseases and problems affect the egg, embryo and endometrial wall and decrease the chance of getting pregnant. The basis in this method is the use of the woman’s own ovarian and blood cells and fluids with their specific substances to eliminate such complications and balance the environment. In addition, identification and resolution of the problems regarding the sperm quality and quantity, as well as problems regarding the woman’s psychology and reproductive organs greatly increase the success rate of the treatment.
It has been shown that in women with polycystic ovary disease, endometriosis and related chocolate cysts, immune system disorders that cause clotting in capillary veins, two or more unexplained failures of IVF treatment, there are drawbacks in the egg, embryo or endometrial wall that prevent pregnancy or decrease the chances of getting pregnant.
Abovementioned diseases cause inappropriate and irregular release of hormones, which in turn affect the eggs during their development in the ovary. Insufficient immune system retards the development and maturation of the eggs. This delay is caused by the lack of sufficient support from the special surrounding cells and fluids that support the eggs for maturation, which are also affected by these diseases. As a result, both likelihood that the egg gets fertilized decreases and the quality of the cell cluster that will later form the embryo is compromised such that its ability of settling down into the endometrial wall is decreased.
With the balancing technique, problems regarding the egg, embryo and endometrial wall are addressed and they are made fit for the pregnancy. On one hand, embryos develop in the most suitable conditions; on the other hand the inner lining of the uterus is made ready for the implantation of the embryos. Thereby the balance between two systems is achieved, increasing the pregnancy rate and significantly decreasing the miscarriage rate.
In IVF applications without the balancing, since there is an established standard approach, couple-specific treatment is not possible. Pregnancy rates cannot be improved up to the desired levels due to the persisting problems if these problems in sperm, egg, embryo, and endometrial wall are not recognized and addressed with appropriate scientific and laboratory techniques. Even if there is an achieved pregnancy under these circumstances, risk of miscarriage is quite high. As a result, treatments that are conducted with great effort, hope and economic investment have trouble in giving the expected results. In IVF treatments, the current point of view is to have a “Healthy Pregnancy from the Sperm and Egg” and Balancing Technique is a new insight within this point of view. The basis of this approach is to identify and eliminate the problems in reproduction cells and organs and creation of a “balance” between them by means of the trained and experienced hands with the help of scientific data and technology to increase the pregnancy rate.